FiinGroup experts shared views on Vietnam’s Economic Outlook and Overview of Business in Vietnam 2023-2024



On March 15, RSM Vietnam - Hanoi Office in collaboration with FiinGroup successfully organized the seminar "Tax in Motion 2023" aiming to support businesses in updating the latest information on taxes, tax settlements, and the economic landscape for the years 2023-2024.

During the keynote presentation titled “Overview of Business in Vietnam 2023-2024", Mr. Tu Nguyen share in-depth assessments of the current macroeconomics situation and business in Vietnam, as well as outlooks for 2024.

Below are some highlights from the keynote presentation: 

  • The global economy is projected to achieve a "soft landing" with a growth rate of 2.9%, after reaching 3% in 2023. Developing and emerging countries will be the main drivers of the global economy in the coming years, particularly in 2024.
  • Vietnam's economy is expected to return to normal in 2024-2025 with significant challenges. However, the overall recovery momentum remains relatively slow as the largest world economies still face difficulties in regaining growth momentum, while global consumption has not shown clear signs of recovery.
  • The business registration situation in 2023 and the first 2 months of 2024 reflects the ongoing economic recovery process and businesses' adaptation to the post-pandemic environment.

Mr. Hieu Nguyen, CEO of FiinGroup, shared insights on Vietnam's economic prospects, stating that based on FiinGroup's macroeconomic data, from exports and imports to the financial health of enterprises, it seems that the worst period has passed. Therefore, we have grounds to believe in a bright global economic outlook in 2024.

For more details of the presentation deck, click HERE.              

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