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We are serving hundreds of organizations for their risk operations, counter-party risk management, credit & insurance pricing and business planning

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Legal and Extensive Data Sources

Provides access to nearly 2 million registered enterprises in Vietnam through legal and extensive data sources.

Effecient Data Collection and Processing

Our platform uses cutting-edge technology and algorithms to collect, clean, and process data quickly and accurately.

Skilled Analyst Team

Our analyst team offers invaluable insights, from conducting market research to evaluating investment opportunities.

Powerful Analytics Tools

FiinGate's delivers comprehensive financial analysis through cutting-edge technology and powerful analytics tools.

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Innovations in Banking and Financial Services for SMEs in Vietnam Conference 2024

Post-COVID-19, Vietnam's economy is in recovery, accompanied by numerous policy changes. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which comprise over 90% of the country's businesses, are gradually resuming their business and investment activities. To expand production, improve competitiveness, and integrate into the global supply chain, these SMEs require access to formal financial services. However, current bank policies inadequately address their financial needs.

Business Information Industry Association Conference

Great experience attending Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) Conference theme “Technology + Regulation + Data -> Sustainable Growth?” The event offered invaluable insights into how the synergy of technology, regulatory frameworks and data can propel sustainable growth in our industry.

International Committee on Credit Reporting

FiinGroup was delighted to participate in International Committee on Credit Reporting (ICCR), Asia Pacific Regional Consultative Group Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on June 05 2024, hosted by BIIA Business Information Industry Association. The ICCR, the only recognized international standard setter in credit reporting, is a permanent structure of the World Bank and constitutes a unique worldwide committee on credit reporting.