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We are serving hundreds of organizations for their risk operations, counter-party risk management, credit & insurance pricing and business planning

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Legal and Extensive Data Sources

Provides access to nearly 2 million registered enterprises in Vietnam through legal and extensive data sources.

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Our platform uses cutting-edge technology and algorithms to collect, clean, and process data quickly and accurately.

Skilled Analyst Team

Our analyst team offers invaluable insights, from conducting market research to evaluating investment opportunities.

Powerful Analytics Tools

FiinGate's delivers comprehensive financial analysis through cutting-edge technology and powerful analytics tools.

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Business Insight #2: Aquatic Food Production Industry - Disrupted Recovery

The remarkable surge in export activities throughout 2022 facilitated the aquatic food production sector's recuperation, inducing substantial revenue escalation over the past year. Nevertheless, transitioning into 2023, the landscape appears to be less favorable for sustaining this path of recovery. Elevated input costs, formidable capital accessibility constraints, and intensified competitive pressures stemming from the global market have collectively conspired against the seamless continuation of this recuperative phase.

FiinGroup introduces Sales and Marketing Solution (SMS): Unleashing the Power of Corporate Data to Ignite Your Business Growth

FiinGroup is pleased to announce the launch of our Sales and Marketing Solution (SMS), a data-driven solution to fuel your business’s Sales and Marketing efficiency.

Business Insight #1: The state and outlook of Vietnam agricultural enterprises under global uncertainty

Hanoi, July 2023 - In the first half of 2023, Vietnam's agricultural exports experienced significant growth, driven by increased demand thanks to China's "Zero COVID" policy, debilitated commodity production in other Asian countries, increased global needs for food reserves, and rising Robusta coffee prices. However, the sector still confronts obstacles such as high production costs, trade tensions, and climate-related risks.